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Playing Genetic Roulette - Our Food and Our Genes


There is a battle going on in this country, between food producers, food manufacturers (now there's a scary term!) and food eaters. The fight is about genetically modified foods, and has mainly to do with (a) whether these foods are safe for human consumption and (b) whether these foods are healthy and (c) whether bioengineered (GMO) foods should be labeled as such in the grocery store.

There are valid arguments on both sides of the line. The idea behind GMOs was that they would be insect-resistant, allowing farmers to grow crops that have a better yield and are insect resistant, so that they can spray fewer pesticides on the GM crops. That seems like a really good idea.

On the other hand, who really wants to eat food that already contains pesticide within itself? Especially when those crops are now requiring increasingly high amounts of pesticides and herbicides just to produce decent yields…

We are using more pesticides than ever on these crops, but Mother Nature is taking her revenge by developing pesticide-resistant weeds.

The safety of the genetically modified crops has not been proven. Jeffrey Smith has pictures on his website of shrunken purple rat testicles from GM fed rats, lying next to larger pink testicles from organically fed rats - it's a pretty convincing argument. The images of farmers in India with skin lesions all over their bodies, and dead sheep lying in fields is also pretty convincing. But don't let me persuade you - check out the evidence for yourself. Ask yourself why the major players in the game - Monsanto, CocaCola, PepsiCola, and a host of other food manufacturers - were so against the California proposition to require that foods containing genetically modified foods be so labeled that they spent millions of dollars advertising on the "no" side of the vote.

If Monsanto is so convinced that its GMO foods are safe, why are they not proud to label them as such?

You can purchase Jeffrey Smith's "Seeds of Deception" DVD for $19.95 at