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  • Supplements - Friend or Foe?
    Supplements - Friend or Foe?

    Rekha V Shah, MD, MD(H) There is so much contradictory information in the media, it is easy to become confused about the value of vitamins, minerals and other supplements. We hear multivitamins are ...

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  • Obesity - Disease or Malnutrition?
    Obesity - Disease or Malnutrition?

    In the most recent American Heart Association guidelines, we are told that obesity should be treated like a disease, and that there is a pill to take care of the disease - the pill is called a statin ...

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  • Lung Cancer
    Lung Cancer

    Few words can cause such fear and anxiety. Whether the cancer is associated with smoking (bronchogenic) or not (adenocarcinoma), the survival statistics are not good. In 2010, the CDC recorded the ...

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  • Low Dose Enzyme Activated Immunotherapy - LDA
    Low Dose Enzyme Activated Immunotherapy - LDA

    Many illnesses have been related to hypersensitivity to various compounds - animal, vegetable and mineral, even our own body parts. These illnesses include "allergies" commonly called seasonal because ...

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  • Autohemotherapy

    Autohemotherapy is a technique used all over the world to boost the immune system. The technique is very simple. A small amount of blood is withdrawn from a vein, and re-introduced into a muscle by ...

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