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What do mitochondria and chronic fatigue have in common?

In Oriental Medicine, medicine revolves around a discussion energy ( Q) and Blood (the physical form of energy) – Without Qi, there is major imbalance – in fact, there is no life. Without Blood to distribute the Qi, there is no energy – like chronic fatigue. We get up out of bed, go as far as the bathroom and have to take a nap to recover.

Depletion, exhaustion, empty tank, running on empty. Burn-out.

When your gas tank runs dry, it’s easy enough to fill it up with gas. But how about when the fuel lines run dry? Then it’s not so easy, sometimes they have to be primed, so that they can carry gas to the engine.

Our mitochondrial supply line is not so different.

You run a 5K race, your legs are sore the next day, but the day after, they are working again, and you can walk normally.

For someone with depleted mitochondria, it may not work that way. They might be down for three days after a trip to the grocery store.

Someone who has been bed-ridden, for example, may have enough mitochondrial energy to walk for a minute, but then experience severe muscle pain and exhaustion for the next two days.

Is it simple “de-conditioning”? Not necessarily – their mitochondria may be so overloaded with cellular “trash” – also know as “Oxygen free radicals” that they have great difficulty recovering from even a little bit of extra stress.

What are mitochondria? They are tiny little organelles within each one of our body cells, that produce energy so that the cell can survive and function.

They exist within every single cell of our bodies.

No wonder that mitochondrial dysfunction can affect so many different organ systems, and can cause such a huge variety of diagnosed illness[i] – from brain fog to diabetes to heart disease, neuropathy, immune system dysfunction, pain, digestive distress, skin problems – psoriasis, itching, hives – without our mitochondria, we do not survive infancy to reach adulthood.

PKU – phenylketonuria is a mitochondrial disease, treatable in infancy, but fatal without treatment. And the treatment is dietary. Avoid the amino acid phenylalanine, and the problem is solved, the child grows up with brain and body relatively intact, and dies later of some other cause.[ii] PKU is due to mutations on one of our chromosomes – over 500 possible mutations -

Dietary restriction – eliminate everything that contains phenylalanine – because there is no enzyme to transport pyruvate, an essential component of the energy molecule ATP. The end result is increased cellular trash which smothers the mitochondria, in habiting their ability to produce energy. Take away the cellular trash, problem solved! If only it were that easy. First, we have to take away the fuel -

Here is how it works on a molecular basis:

“Phenylpyruvate inhibits glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase that generates reduced niacinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate the obligatory cofactor of glutathione reductase. Pahenu2 brain tissue metabolomics identified increased oxidized glutathione and glutathione disulfide. Over-represented glutathione disulfide argues for reduced glutathione reductase activity secondary to reduced NADPH. Herein, we review evidence of energy and oxidative stress involvement in PKU pathology.”

Fortunately breast milk is low in phenylalanine, as are most vegetables and fruit – and so infants can survive into childhood, alhought not so much their brain function.

One might think that pKU would be a mother’s dream for dietary modification – vegetables, carbohydrates, no meats or beans – but what is a kid’s like without hot dogs and peanut butter? Difficult to attend birthday parties…

[ii] Ford, S., O'Driscoll, M. and MacDonald, A., 2018- severe protein. Living with Pehnylketonuria. Molecular genetics and metabolism reports, 17, pp.57-63.

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  • Definitely a game changer!

    “I just wanted to take a moment to email you to say thank you for your very detailed testing and even considering Lyme as a possible suspect to my ailments.* Had I not gone to see you I would have never even thought of Lyme as a reason for my weakness on my right arm and leg.* In your recommendations you had stated you wanted me to possibly get checked for Lyme and I asked and asked and not one insurance doctor would do the test.* Everyone said that there was no reason to check. Well, we moved to Virginia at the end of November and finally about three weeks ago the neurologist that I went to see for my migraines here tested me for Lyme. The results came back equivocal (1.10 on Elisa) and she simply stated that they found antibodies in my blood. And she started me on Doxycycline (100mg 2x day) for 21 days. I don’t know much about Lyme but will be seeing an infectious disease doctor on Wednesday. In the meantime, we had our newborn (born 1/21/13) tested with the Western blot and another test and per the pediatrician the results were negative. We will continue praying that he will not be affected. … Thank you very much for being that little guiding light that led us in the right direction.* Once again Dr.Grout, continue to do what you do.* You were definitely a game changer for sure.* *Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of successes for any given medical treatment. Each individual is unique and may respond differently to our medical services, meaning results may vary for each person.”


  • You folks have given me my life back. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    “My entire life I have had difficulty with digestion. I had unexplained hives from the age of 16. As an adult I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Eating no grains or glutens of any kind just chicken and fish and green veggies, I have lost 27 pounds and have had NO heartburn at all!* With the Vitamin B, Lipoic Acid and Omega 3 I now am not exhausted all the time either.* I have energy!!!* I know the gut will take a lot longer to heal as I am still having stool issues but I am starting to see a slight improvement there too.* I have not had any sugars including from any fruit now for 2 ½ months but I would really like to be able to have a little fruit and sweet potatoes. I want to make sure the yeast is gone before I do this. You folks have given me my life back.* Thank you from the bottom of my heart.* *Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of successes for any given medical treatment. Each individual is unique and may respond differently to our medical services, meaning results may vary for each person.”


  • I had a second chance in life after meeting Dr. Grout.

    “I had a second chance in life after meeting Dr. Grout.
    I have been very sick with Lyme disease for 30 years and Dr. Grout immediately put me on a healing path which included nutrition, supplements, heavy metal testing, antibiotics and alternative therapies. My most profound improvements came from the alternative treatment, SOT (Supportive Oligonucleotide Therapy).
    I am very fortunate for having met Dr.Grout and thankful for the treatment options she presented. I am 6 months into the treatment and I am currently doing things I have not been able to do for years which include cognitive functions and physical tasks.
    Dr. Grout and team are all very efficient and organized. Also, Dr. Grout has authored a book “An Alphabet of Good Health in a sick world” which is a good read for anyone with chronic illness.”


  • A Review: Arizona Center for Advanced Medicine

    Have you ever found yourself frustrated because you know there is something wrong with you but your health care provider is not listening to what you have to say nor doing the evaluations you believe need to be done to help you? This is what my experience had been as well. Since 1996 I have lived with chronic pain, increasing inflammatory health problem, and progressive degenerative arthritis. No one listened to me when I said “there is something wrong her and it is not just aging.”

    I searched out alternative health options: Naturopaths and Integrative Health. A naturopath I consulted, listened to my story and stated that I needed more than what she could offer and suggested going to an Integrative health specialist in Scottsdale. I did and what a godsend.

    I wish I had found the Arizona Center for Advanced Medicine and Dr. Martha Grout many years ago. My meeting with Dr. Grout in April 2022, was so rewarding. She listened, was concerned about the multiple inflammatory responses that I had, gathered an extensive history, and did diagnostics to assess if I had toxicity reactions to the multiple vaccines I had to take; assessed my nutritional state, gut health, and did Lyme disease testing. Of interest was that I had asked providers several times about doing the Lyme disease test and because I had no recollection of a tick bite, they said I didn’t need the test. So what a surprise when the test came back positive – it explained so much about all the symptoms I had been having since 1996.

    To know that there was an actual cause for all my problems and that it wasn’t just related to aging, has been so refreshing. I know there is not a cure for the damage the Lyme has done but to know that what we are doing can ameliorate the progression of the inflammatory processes of arthritis and can restore my nutritional health has been a blessing. Dr. Grout is compassionate, empathetic, responsive, and the best doctor I have had the privilege to care for me.

    If you are ever wondering about the state of your health and wanting answers to why you are having the problems you are having, then seeing an Integrative Health specialist is essential.


    PhD, RN, NP


  • Doctors that listen and care!

    “I am a chronic Lyme patient and on a very long road to recovery. I have seen many doctors. I can't count the times I have felt like I was on the clock or get my 15 minutes of attention and then pushed out the door. At ACAM I never feel that way, for the first time I feel hope, understanding and compassion from Dr. Grout and her amazing staff!”

    Gary Kuhl