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  • Did the Vaccine Do It?
    Did the Vaccine Do It?

    A well-written article published on GreenMedInfo describes a child who was given the MMR vaccine at the age of 18 months, and after a short life filled with adverse neurologic events eventually died ...

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  • Vaxxed - A Film Review
    Vaxxed - A Film Review

    An Autism Media Channel Film, directed by Andrew Wakefield & Produced by Del Bigtree. This film had been pulled from the Tribeca Festival in New York at the end of March. The Tribeca Film Festival was ...

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  • Vaccinations - Overview
    Vaccinations - Overview

    Vaccinations are one of the most controversial issues in children’s health. On one side, you have the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) which advocates a schedule for vaccinations that starts within ...

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  • Rules of Debate
    Rules of Debate

    Debating is an ancient art covered by certain procedural rules - but also subject to logical scrutiny to determine whether an argument is valid, or whether it falls into the category of " fallacy ". ...

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  • Cervical Cancer
    Cervical Cancer

    The incidence of cervical cancer in the United States has dropped by over 70% since we began screening women of child-bearing age by means of the Pap smear. This is one preventive program (or at least ...

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  • Supplements - Friend or Foe?
    Supplements - Friend or Foe?

    Rekha V Shah, MD, MD(H) There is so much contradictory information in the media, it is easy to become confused about the value of vitamins, minerals and other supplements. We hear multivitamins are ...

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