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Bioimpedance Analysis Alternative Treatment Options Aimed at Treating Your Specific Needs

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis in Scottsdale

Determine Your Body's Health with Bioimpedance Analysis at Our Integrative Medical Center

Bioimpedance analysis is a critical component of a comprehensive health and nutrition assessment. The test measures the body's percentage of body fat and lean body mass using a completely safe electrical signal that is administered while a patient relaxes.

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Bioelectrical impedance tests give doctors feedback on several different things about a patient's body including:

  • The boy's phase angle which can indicate the course of a disease
  • Body cell mass found in muscles, blood cells, and organs
  • Extracellular cell mass including blood, bone, and cartilage
  • Lean body mass
  • The amount of fat stored in the body (also known as fat mass)
  • Body capacitance, which is the body's ability to move nutrients into the cell while moving waste out
  • The body's basal metabolic rate

How Does Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Work?

When a patient visits us for bioelectrical impedance analysis, he or she will lay down in a comfortable chair while electrodes are attached to various parts of the body. A small electric signal is circulated in order to test the resistance to the signal as it travels through the water found in muscle and fat in the body. The more muscle a person has, the more water their body holds, which allows the current to travel through faster and more easily. If the person has more fat, there is more resistance to the electrical current. The process is completely safe and causes absolutely no pain.

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Our integrative medical center in Scottsdale offers bioelectrical impedance analysis testing for men, women, and children alike. We are proud to be the Southwest's most diversified integrative medical center, and offer the most medical services under one roof. We look forward to guiding you along your journey toward health.

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