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Stem Cell/PRP Alternative Treatment Options Aimed at Treating Your Specific Needs

Scottsdale, Arizona Stem Cell/PRP Treatment Center

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Arizona Center for Advanced Medicine provides cell-based healing therapies as additional treatments for a broad range of diseases and medical conditions. Modeled after conventional stem cell therapy treatments as well as Platelet Rich Plasma injections (PRP), there are many benefits of using stem cells to treat non-healing bone injuries, non-healing wounds, chronic joint and tendon dysfunction and pain. Because of the way that both platelets and stem cells liberate growth factors when injected into the body, this form of therapy may even have a more wide-spread utility beyond its effect in the joints which are injected.* Rejuvenation comes immediately to mind – think about how rapidly we heal when we are young. How wonderful to be able to harness that youthful healing capacity when we are no longer so young…*

Our Scottsdale center provides a safe, comfortable environment for visitors and patients alike. We know that many people are often anxious about visiting the doctor. We assure you that we do everything in our power to ensure that you feel safe and that we have built a level of trust with you as our patient.

Call Arizona Center for Advanced Medicine to schedule an appointment or visit our center today to learn more about our Scottsdale, Arizona stem cell/PRP treatments!

How Are Cell-Based Healing Therapies Different?

Platelet therapy or platelet rich plasma (PRP therapy) is one of the latest and revolutionary forms of treatment to relieve pain and promote longer healing not only in joints but also in and other areas of the body. Our own body's stem cells are injected back into our own body to restore any tissue that has been damaged due to injury, disease, or another medical condition. Unlike with stem cells “off the shelf” or transplanted from another person, there is no concern about abnormal immune reaction, because we are using our own stem cells which our bodies recognize as “self”.

Cell-based healing therapy has been used in treatment for a variety of conditions, including:

  • Hip injuries
  • Knee injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Parkinson’s disease

There are a whole host of benefits to cell-based healing therapy. It is much less costly than many surgical procedures, such as a total hip or knee replacement, and most procedures are can be completed in only a few hours, including the time needed for preparation and recovery, in comparison to the often extensive time needed for surgery and recovery.

A Premier Integrative Medical Center in Arizona

Our mission is to help improve your health. Our Scottsdale treatment center is one of the leading holistic and integrative medical centers in the area. We draw upon both traditional and alternative treatments to alleviate our patient’s symptoms and find a treatment to address their unique needs to help restore their quality of life.*

To request your free 15-minute consultation, please contact us and learn more about our Scottsdale, Arizona stem cell/PRP treatments.

*Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of successes for any given medical treatment. Each individual is unique and may respond differently to our medical services, meaning results may vary for each person.


Our Patients Say It Best

  • “I had a second chance in life after meeting Dr. Grout.” J.B.
  • “Dr. Grout is compassionate, empathetic, responsive, and the best doctor I have had the privilege to care for me.” Anita, PhD, RN, NP
  • “If you are ever wondering about the state of your health and wanting answers to why you are having the problems you are having, then seeing an Integrative Health specialist is essential.” Anita