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NES Scan Alternative Treatment Options Aimed at Treating Your Specific Needs

NES Scans in Arizona

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The NES scan is based on Quantum biology. It is an assessment tool at the energetic level, researched and developed by an Australian physician, Peter Fraser, and a British computer expert, Harry Massey. The scan of the body's quantum electrodynamic (QED) body field allows us to peek into the body's innate wisdom and see where the energy fields are distorted, so that we may determine where physical dysfunction may be occurring before disease sets in.

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How Scans Can Help

There is evidence that all plant and animal cells and tissues continuously emit weak light in the visible spectrum (400-800 nm). Experimental evidence shows that DNA is a source of this emission. Electrons and photons are thought to be the carriers of information through the body. In its external form this human body-field is what some people call the "aura." It has measurable structure, and the NES scan shows us the various components of that field.

The human body-field is like the body's energetic mastermind, the operating system which organizes the body's chemical processes. Chemical reactions are all about making and breaking energetic bonds between molecules. The human body-field provides the information needed for the body to initiate chemical reactions.

The body field has energy pathways that channel information to direct fundamental activities like pumping blood and digesting food. There are 12 such pathways, each representing a band of energy wavelengths and magnetic vectors in the QED field. These compartments are called "energetic integrators" and are folded on one another, such that information must be sequenced in the correct order in order to be correctly interpreted. Chinese Medicine calls these pathways "meridians".

Correcting Homeostasis

Loss of homeostasis - the breakdown of the body's ability to self-correct - is an intricate interplay of a multitude of factors. There is no single "correct" state of being. Most of the body's interactions have considerable flexibility built into them.

In Quantum biology, disease can be thought of as "untunement." This state arises because particles are arranged incorrectly in space, not because they are vibrating at an incorrect frequency. The human body-field also coordinates with the emotions and the consciousness. It is in constant interaction with its environment.

We use the NES scan to determine whether any of the information pathways which control the body's metabolic processes have been damaged, distorted or blocked. Then we use remedies to correct the distortion of the information pathways, so that the body may have the best chance of returning to full health.* A NES scan is typically conducted during our patients' initial visit. It helps give us a broad picture of what is going on inside the body.

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*Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of successes for any given medical treatment. Each individual is unique and may respond differently to our medical services, meaning results may vary for each person.


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