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Acupuncture Alternative Treatment Options Aimed at Treating Your Specific Needs

Scottsdale Medical Acupuncture Treatment Center

Get Acupuncture in Scottsdale at Our Integrative Medical Center

An ancient medical practice, acupuncture targets specific points on the body with thin needles where energy is constantly flowing. Acupuncture treatments are performed to restore balance and wellness to the body. At the Arizona Center for Advanced Medicine, we administer acupuncture therapy in a private, spa-like room where a patient lays on a massage table and relaxes to the sound of soft music. We use sterile, disposable, and bi-metallic needles that cause only the slightest sensation on the surface of the skin. Even our patients with the greatest fears of needles are comfortable and relaxed during acupuncture treatments.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us now to learn more about how Scottsdale medical acupuncture treatment may be right for you. See more of our articles on acupuncture here.

What Is Acupuncture Used For?

At Arizona Center for Advanced Medicine, we use acupuncture therapy for many different conditions including but not limited to:

  • Sports injuries
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Gastrointestinal disorders and discomfort
  • Headache
  • Women's reproductive health issues
  • Chronic neck or back pain
  • Asthma
  • Infectious illnesses such as acute colds or chronic viral infections
  • Side effects of cancer treatment including nausea from chemotherapy, etc.

At your initial consultation with our acupuncture specialist, we will discuss your health history, the current health issues you are experiencing, and how acupuncture can best be used to treat your symptoms. We will also analyze your pulse, skin temperature and texture, and more to develop the best possible treatment plan.*

Visit Us to Begin Scottsdale Acupuncture Treatment Today

At the Arizona Center for Advanced Medicine, we are the Southwest's most diversified integrative medical center and have helped patients across Arizona, the United States, and beyond.* Our Scottsdale acupuncture treatment center is focused on treating the root cause of conditions through a variety of traditional and alternative medical practices. Whether you are new to acupuncture or have experienced it before, we are here to make the experience as beneficial and helpful as possible.*

*Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of successes for any given medical treatment. Each individual is unique and may respond differently to our medical services, meaning results may vary for each person.

Contact the professionals at Arizona Center for Advanced Medicine today to learn more about our Scottsdale, Arizona acupuncture treatments.


Our Patients Say It Best

  • “I had a second chance in life after meeting Dr. Grout.” J.B.
  • “Dr. Grout is compassionate, empathetic, responsive, and the best doctor I have had the privilege to care for me.” Anita, PhD, RN, NP
  • “If you are ever wondering about the state of your health and wanting answers to why you are having the problems you are having, then seeing an Integrative Health specialist is essential.” Anita