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  • Insulin Potentiation Chemotherapy in the News?
    Insulin Potentiation Chemotherapy in the News?

    This excellent article on cancer and sugar appeared in the New York Times Magazine recently. The author talks about the Warburg effect, and points out that cancer cells begin their lives damaged – ...

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  • Childhood Cancers
    Childhood Cancers

    Many people are not aware of the extent of childhood cancers in our country. More than 40,000 children undergo cancer treatment each year in the US. 1 in 5 will not respond to first-line standard ...

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  • Lyme Disease Testing and Legislation
    Lyme Disease Testing and Legislation

    It seems a shame that legislation has to be passed requiring doctors and laboratories to tell their patients that the current state of conventional testing for Lyme disease is worse than inadequate. ...

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  • Vaxxed - A Film Review
    Vaxxed - A Film Review

    An Autism Media Channel Film, directed by Andrew Wakefield & Produced by Del Bigtree. This film had been pulled from the Tribeca Festival in New York at the end of March. The Tribeca Film Festival was ...

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  • Vaccinations - Overview
    Vaccinations - Overview

    Vaccinations are one of the most controversial issues in children’s health. On one side, you have the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) which advocates a schedule for vaccinations that starts within ...

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