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What Brand of Supplements Should I Purchase? Alternative Treatment Options Aimed at Treating Your Specific Needs

What brand of supplements should I purchase?

With supplements, there is always the question: “Why can’t I just get what is in my local health food store?” Or “How about using the CostCo or Sam’s Club or Walgreens brands? They are so much less expensive.”

You need to know that all supplements are NOT created equal. Some are very good. Others have tablets that come out looking almost the same as when they went into your mouth. Others have extra ingredients that are not listed on the label. Others do not contain what is listed on the label.

But if there is no outside party to certify the supplements, you have no idea which ones are good and which are not.

There is a certification called “Good Manufacturing Practices” certification (GMP). It costs the supplement companies money to acquire, but it does guarantee that the products are what they say they are, that they are not adulterated in any way, that they are absorbable, and that they are good at least until the expiration date listed on the bottle.

These are some of the labels you might see on supplement bottles:

NSF Now Natural Products Association Good Manufacturing Practice

You do need to become a patient at AZCAM in order to take advantage of this option.

Please call the front office at (In our office, we recommend brands which we know are GMP certified).

You are, of course, welcome to purchase supplements anywhere you choose. We highly recommend that you purchase only brands that are GMP certified. You may have to call the manufacturer to find out that information. If you do not see the GMP seal on the bottle, it probably is not GMP certified. Most supplement companies do not go through the certification process, because it is time-consuming and expensive.

We are happy to order the supplements for you – we have some of them in stock, and can usually get you anything you have been recommended to take within a day or two. You can also purchase supplements online through FullScript (formerly Natural Partners) or WholeScript (Xymogen). We can set our patients up with an account, and make recommendations, for you to purchase.

Call (480) 418-0220 to place your order to schedule an appointment to become a patient, or to retrieve your log-in information if you have forgotten it.


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