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On Vaccine Safety and Efficacy


National Nurses Week allows me to reflect upon and embrace the responsibility that comes with being part of a cohort the public endorses as most honest profession 17 years in a row. In my opinion a truly humbling recognition I don’t accept lightly. While visiting an employment -related social network recently, noticed a colleague had announced with great pride she had obtained certification as a patient advocate. She is definitely a passionate and outspoken patient advocate and a pioneer in her field. I had previously assumed that as nurses we are all passionate in advocating for patient rights; that it is our duty fueled by our sense of ethics, honesty and truth. I was of the opinion nursing needs no patient advocate certification as advocacy amongst our profession is a given. I have since deviated from that assumption upon realizing the voice of nurses as patient advocates is being silenced by the current epidemic of censorship of dissenting views ( supported by science and evidence). Nursing organizations (knowingly or unknowingly) are contributing to an epidemic of blindly supporting government agencies non-evidence-based misinformation and recommendations.

I took a course in Advanced Pharmacology for Nurse Prescribers last year. Was excited to see the two books used for the course had been written by nurses. Upon reading the chapter on vaccines it became apparent much information presented was limited at the level of basic education and many instances of inaccurate information presented as facts were noted. An example of misinformation provided was that the MMR, Hib, Pneumococcal and meningitis vaccines offered long-lasting protection. As a Certified Vaccine Education Specialist, I have been investigating individual and organizational nursing knowledge as it relates to vaccine safety, efficacy, informed consent, ethics and advocacy. In my opinion, nursing needs to improve their knowledge regarding vaccines in order to achieve a level of competency. The public counts on us to provide them with unbiased evidence base information.

Physicians for Informed Consent, Children’s Health Network, National Vaccine Information Center, Vaccine Impact News and many other organizations (actively supporting the need for a robust informed consent process in supporting patient’s rights) have shown indisputable evidence on the lack of safety studies involved in the manufacturing and FDA approval process. The chart below shows the prelicensure follow-up timeframe for adverse events for pharmaceuticals drugs versus vaccines. Note the misnomer “placebos” used under vaccines data. Additionally, the FDA has classified vaccines under biologics. This gives vaccine manufacturers a free pass to increase their profits at a faster pace disregarding the disastrous consequences to our nation’s children. The FDA defines the difference between biologics versus conventional pharmaceuticals as “In contrast to most drugs that are chemically synthesized and their structure is known most biologics are complex mixtures that are not easily identified or characterized (FDA.GOV).

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On Vaccine Safety and Efficacy

Stanley Plotkin, MD a renown vaccine scientist and passionate advocate of vaccines was deposed on January 11, 2018. Under oath he confirmed studies are conducted after vaccines are approved not before and no inert placebos are used. He admitted to no safety and efficacy trials because “it would be ideal but it’s more important to not withhold vaccinations from children”. Regarding assumed protection from vaccines “protection is not as long as we would like”. When asked if the statement vaccinations conferring immunity is not fully understood he replied “Science never fully understands anything” I have a copy of the 403-page transcript of the deposition that supports this information. Dr. Plotkin recused himself as the expert witness the following day following his 9-hour deposition.

Government agencies and media continue feeding the public with false statistics regarding the measles epidemic. It is of great concern to see nursing organizations joining in to remove informed consent and parental rights to accept or refuse this questionable medical intervention. Using fear and misinformation to force parents into compliance is not in alignment with the various nursing codes of ethics. The practice of passing misinformation through aggressive techniques endorsed by some nursing organizations needs to be addressed as these practices are not consistent with their organizations code of ethics.

Most recently the Oregon Nurses Association has been accused of circulating fraudulent information in violation of Oregon’s Lobbying Regulation (ORS 171.764). The Oregonians for Medical Freedom have issued a Cease and Desist letter and as of this writing have not received a response from ONA. ONA is accused of misleading their membership in an aggressive approach to influence votes to the detriment of our children’s health.

I have also received e-mails supporting misinformation from AzNA. Below is a direct quote from e-mail received on February 18, 2019.

“Herd Immunity in Jeopardy-Contact Legislators today……. AzNA has identified an opportunity to sway votes of several key representatives in order to stop these bills from moving forward”

AzNA is referencing bills that would dilute the purpose of informed consent and mislead parents into believing vaccines are safe, effective and save thousands of lives. These statements create the illusion the possibility of a serious reaction is basically non- existent. The reality of an increasing rise in childhood chronic disease reaching epidemic proportions at 54% as of 2011 tells another narrative. We know a newborns immune system is not fully developed. This is basic knowledge not requiring scientific evidence yet scientific evidence is available to support this statement.

An infant’s immune system is not prepared to handle the hyperstimulation triggered by vaccines. Have you ever heard of anyone being infected with measles, mumps and rubella simultaneously? Why do we accept it is in the infant’s best interest to assault her body with all these toxins at a time when she is most vulnerable? Being that vaccine manufacturers and those administering the vaccines have legal immunity from being sued per the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, (NVICP) most parents are left with the burden of expensive medical bills in addressing chronic conditions linked to vaccines. Others are left mourning the death of their child while their voices are silenced by those denying vaccine injury is a real threat.

The bills Arizona Nurses Association (AzNA) unsuccessfully attempted to block were HB 2479/ SB 1114, HB 2471 & HB 2472. HB 2471 requires any healthcare professional administering vaccines to provide full disclosure before administering. AzNA found this to be an inconvenience. They stated “would require much more information than can reasonably be provided in a healthcare visit. We believe the emphasis which has been placed upon the minute chance of a significant adverse event has unduly frightened parents and perhaps mislead them”.

The use of the descriptive “minute chance” would suggest that AzNA leadership is not aware of the more than 4 billion dollars paid through 2018 to parents of vaccine injured children. This figure does not reflect the thousands of children injured but not receiving any compensation due to unfortunate limitations of the 1986 Vaccine Act. The most recent report from the Department of Justice dated March 8, 2019 shows vaccines continue to injure and kill individuals. Period 11/16/18- 2/15/19 paid out $110 Million in damages. Out of 83 significant vaccine injuries 67 were caused by the flu shot. A vaccine strongly endorsed by the American Nurses Association.

Herd Immunity

Nurses and other healthcare professionals have accepted the theory of herd immunity without questioning its validity. Heard immunity was coined by Dr. Arthur Hedrich in observing the role of nature providing naturally acquired immunity. He theorized a measles epidemic occurred exclusively when less than 68 % of children had developed a natural immunity to it. Natural herd immunity cannot be recreated by the use of the poorly understood “ science” of vaccination. Most recently, the Texas Senate introduced a bill that would prohibit vaccines from being administered unless specific safety criteria are met. (SB 2350). This gives hope some politicians are starting to understand our children are being administered biologics that have never been tested for safety. It is also a reminder our time has come to support our children’s health. To protect the public from misinformation.

“The theory of achieving herd immunity through synthetic vaccination lacks scientific validation and cannot predict epidemics based on numbers of vaccinated individuals” (Brogan, 2014).

Current Measles Epidemics

Not being disclosed by the CDC and other agencies is that fully vaccinated individuals are contracting the measles. In other words they have been infected by the attenuated measles virus in the vaccine. An attenuated vaccine is considered harmless according to vaccine experts and should convey immunity safely. However, current epidemics do not appear to support that claim. While there is a serological test to differentiate the wild measles (naturally acquired infection) from the attenuated one ( lab created which have known toxic adjuvants, human fetal cell lines, and monkey kidneys to name a few ingredients) the CDC is not recommending this test to rule out the argument sensationalized by their agency and media outlets that measles epidemics are being caused by unvaccinated individuals. The CDC has encouraged professionals to not do this test if the child acquires the measles following vaccination. Begs the question why not? Yesterday’s email from AzNA updating us on the bills they are trying to block stated:

“Vaccine Bills: It’s Not Over Til It’s Over “The vaccine bills (HB 2470, 2471 and 2472) have been stalled in the house since February and have had no chance passing in their current form. However, with the shifting focus due to increased cases of measles across the nation, anything is possible. These words are followed by a link to the Immunization Action Coalition under Ask the Experts. How does being born before 1957 confer immunity?

“People born before 1957 lived through several years of epidemic measles before the first measles vaccine

was licensed in 1963. As a result, these people are very likely to have had measles disease. Surveys suggest that 95% to 98% of those born before 1957 are immune to measles. Persons born before 1957 can be presumed to be immune. However, if serologic testing indicates that the person is not immune, at least 1 dose of MMR should be administered”.

This statement supports the theory naturally acquired immunity provides a lifetime of protection yet raises the question why recommend individuals get vaccinated with at least one dose? Absolutely no science behind that recommendation. I attended the same school from 1st to 12th grade. Most of us got the measles, mumps and chicken pox. None of us recall any hype, finger pointing or quarantine. Instead it was experienced as a rite of passage and a great opportunity to miss school. No medical interventions. No deaths or hospitalization. The 1969 episode “Is There a Doctor in the House” features the whole Brady Bunch Family experiencing a measles infection. Just as those of us recall it.

Well documented evidence from 180 + years supports the fact no efforts have been implemented on an issue that continues to manifest today. Vaccine shedding has finally been recognized by the scientific community after years of debating the issue. Vaccine shedding is when a recently vaccinated individual sheds the virus and infects those he comes in contact with. This is in no way to be considered as naturally acquired immunity. Examples of failed vaccine created herd immunity follows.

  1. 1828 severe epidemic in Marseilles where 2,000 contracted small pox after vaccination
  2. 1831 955 individuals contracted small pox after vaccination
  3. 1850 a report from the US Department “The United States Frigate Independence, with a ship

of 560 persons, there were 116 cases of small pox, 7 fatal. The crew of this ship almost universally presented what are regarded as genuine vaccine marks. The protection however, proved to be quite imperfect” (Peebles, 1913)

More recently, there has been a significant number of confirmed measles outbreaks within immunized cohorts. (Chen, 1989; Hersh, 1991; Rosen, 2014; Gustafson, 1987; Hickman, 2011). Significant financial support received from the pharmaceutical industry assures this information is kept under wraps. Currently, we are experiencing a mumps epidemic but most are unaware. Several whistleblower scientists came forward in 2010; a lawsuit against Merck was filed. The scientists claim Merck had them alter data regarding vaccine safety and efficacy. They claim there were problems with the mumps component of the MMR. This lawsuit remains active. In 2015, 10,0000 documents were turned in to congress by Rep. Bill Posey. These documents confirm the level of corruption within the CDC. The fact vaccine manufacturers have been sued for misrepresenting their products, fraud, acts of omissions and been fined millions of dollars need be closely examined by nursing organizations before endorsing their products and government agencies recommended schedules.

  • GlaxoSmithKline to Plead Guilty and Pay $3 Billion to Resolve Fraud Allegations and Failure to Report Safety Data (
  • Class Action Lawsuit for $160 million Against Merck Sharp & Dhome for Damages Caused

by Gardasil Vaccine in Columbia filed in 2017.

While the CDC continues to affirm vaccines are safe and effective and the FDA approves vaccines as safe and effective the Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System (VAERS) states in their website ( as per above attachment) “Millions of vaccines are given each year to children less than 1 year old in the United States, usually between 2 and 6 months of age. At this age, INFANTS ARE AT A GREATER RISK FOR CERTAIN MEDICAL ADVERSE EVENTS, INCLUDING HIGH FEVERS, SEIZURES AND SUDDEN INFANT DEATH SYNDROME (SIDS). Some infants will experience these medical events shortly after vaccination by coincidence”. In my opinion there is no room for coincidences in attempting to invalidate and silence parental observations and narratives. A healthy child born with high Apgar scores does not develop a serious adverse reaction or chronic illness/disease by coincidence.

A special task force to address this issue is urgently needed. As nurses this is not an option. It is our ethical, moral and professional obligation.

Thank you for your consideration