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Why Bother With Genetic Testing?


Why bother with genetic testing? What good does it do? We can’t change our genes, right?

Remember that Genetics are the GUN, Epigenetics pull the TRIGGER. [i]

In other words, no, we can’t very well modify our genes, but we certainly can modify their expression.

For instance, your mother is diabetic. So is your grandmother. Your great-grandmother had a foot amputated in her old age. Chances are excellent that you will be diagnosed with diabetes sooner or later in your life. And conventional therapy will have you go on blood-sugar modifying drugs, without doing much about what you eat, or how you take care of your body – perhaps some lip service to “diet and exercise” but it is doubtful you will get much practical advice.

And there you are on New Year's Day, saying that you really want to clean up your act, but you have no idea where to buy the broom. So you go back to your old stand-by – since you don’t feel up to cooking – Burger King sounds good, right? Not that Burger King is bad – in fact, fast food is specifically made to excite your taste buds, and make you crave more. Just the smell wafting down the street makes your mouth salivate – at least is does mine. On purpose – they actually test recipes to get the most “hyperpalatable” one – the best tasting, the one that makes you want more and more of it.

Unfortunately, they don’t generally use organic ingredients, so every time you eat one of those yummy burgers, you are also eating glyphosate – the chemical which makes insects’ intestines become inflamed and perforate – i.e. explode. Gee, I wonder if it does the same thing to ours? Are are, after all, part of the same system of life on this planet…

So.. back to genetic testing. Why bother? Forewarned is forearmed. If we know where our weaknesses lie, then we can actually do something to shore up the defenses. Maybe we don’t care so much when we are 20 – because we are immortal, right? But when we are 40 – still young enough to make changes, old enough to figure it out…

Someone asked me the other day if I would like to go back to when I was sixteen. My answer: “Not on your life!!!” I wouldn’t mind 35 or 40, though, knowing what I know now – which I was just beginning to learn at the age of 35. I knew that I was supposed to be a medical doctor, that it was my calling, not just my job. I had not a clue what lay in store for me – the extraordinary world of homeopathic and alternative medicine. I met some of the giants of that world – Bill Rea, Theron Randolph, Doris Rapp, Todd Rowe – and continue to stand on their shoulders in this increasingly burdensome medical environment which considers only pharmaceutical medicine to be the authentic legacy of our medical forefathers. How sad, that we are so convinced that our bodies do not have the ability of heal themselves except through violent mechanisms. The greatest one of us all himself said “Let food be your medicine.”

And that’s where is all begins. When are born, the first thing we do (after making sure we have a heartbeat) is breathe and poop! The gut is that important to our well-being. Let us never forget the connections between gut and brain – our “gut feelings” are the beginning of consciousness, and the source of most of the serotonin that our bodies produce – that essential brain chemical we spend so much effort and money on trying to get right in our systems.

The image of the snake swallowing its own tail comes to mind – also the image of the Yin/Yang, the endless circle, the web that has no weaver.

Who are we and Why are we here? Each of us is called to be the best human being he/she can possibly be. It is in service that we find our fulfillment, no matter what our profession or “job”. Admittedly, it helps to have a job that pays sufficiently well to cover the mortgage and the grocery bills. We have little control over the mortgage – we have lots of control over what foods we choose to purchase. We just sometimes lack the knowledge of what foods are good for us – and some of us lack the means to get to those stores that carry those health foods.

To learn more about healthy foods;

FOOD 101 - Genetics, Addiction, and Politics (

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