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American Academy of Pediatrics Advises Avoiding GMO Foods

Doctor holding stethoscope up to baby

The American Academy of Pediatrics finally came out with guidelines[i] for patients (and presumably also physicians) regarding recommendations about the use of genetically modified foods and their effect on children, despite prior statements which declared GMO foods to be safe for children and which scornfully mentioned “activist organizations like the Environmental Working Group” and talking about fear-based propaganda intended to mislead people about the safety of GM food ingredients.

In the final analysis, the AAP’s advice for parents is to concentrate on whole foods rather than hyperpalatable and extensively processed snack foods – crackers, chips, and the like – which is only sensible advice that our grandmothers knew all too well, before we saw the high incidence of cancer diagnoses in young people (under the age of 30), and the extraordinary incidence of obesity and high blood sugars at almost all ages that we are seeing today.

A potato rather than potato chips, a burger made at home rather than a fast food burger – should not be too difficult to manage. And frozen vegetables rather than vegetable chips – easy to put together a dinner in 30 minutes made from real – not chemically processed – foods.

Kudos to the AAP, coming on board in favor of healthy real food for our children, with advice how to acquire such healthy food.


[i] Abrams, S.A., Albin, J.L. and Landrigan, P.J., 2024. Use of Genetically Modified Organism (GMO)-Containing Food Products in Children. Pediatrics, 153(1), p.e2023064774.