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Neurorecovery Program


Arizona Center for Advanced MedicineNeurorecovery program - Specifics

Treatment is office based, every day for 10 ‐ 13 consecutive days (duration depending on the specific drugs you have been taking) – including Fridays and week‐ends.

You will be in the office between 6 and 8 hours per day, depending on your response to the amino acids. You will receive each day an intravenous cocktail of vitamins, minerals, glutathione, and a specific blend of amino acids (depending on your current drug use) that will help repair the damaged receptors in your brain. It’s a question of healing the receptors.

‐ Most withdrawal symptoms will be very diminished starting with day one, and more than likely completely gone after the first 2‐3 days.

‐ Most drugs require about 10 days for completion of withdrawal and restoration of sense of well‐being. Fear word associationBenzodiazepines (anti‐anxiety medications) require about 13 days – the cravings are seldom seen with benzodiazepines, but neurotransmitter receptor damage may be extensive, explaining the prolonged withdrawal symptoms.

What withdrawal symptoms should you expect?

‐ With benzodiazepines, there is no particular craving, you just can’t get out of bed when you are in withdrawal. And the withdrawal goes on for a VERY long time, depending on how damaged your neurotransmitter receptors are.

‐ With many of the other drugs, withdrawal may be VERY intense if you do it on your own, but is significantly diminished with the therapy, and is usually no longer a factor after the first 2‐3 days.

PTSD word associationThe only two requirements for success in the program are:

  • First, an Intense and overriding desire to quit the drug/pharmaceutical, together with having made a core decision to do so.
  • Second, to stop taking any drugs by the first day of therapy. If withdrawal symptoms are extreme, you may take the drugs on day one of therapy, but not beyond. If you are already off the drugs, therapy may go more quickly.

Drugs to stop will include ANY psychotropic drugs in ANY category. Nutrient therapy will be restoring the neurotransmitters and their receptors starting with day 1, so there is hardly ever any significant physical withdrawal. For benzodiazepines and alcohol we sometimes use Dilantin® prophylactically for 2‐3 days, to lessen the chance of withdrawal seizures. With nicotine withdrawal, we sometimes use extra vitamin B3, nicotinic acid, for a few days.

Depression word associationThe formulas infused will be specific to you, depending on what drugs/pharmaceuticals that you have been taking. It is important that we are clear on what drugs we are treating.

‐ Benzodiazepine withdrawal typically requires 13 consecutive days of treatment – longer than for most of the other drugs. You will most likely start to “wake up” and feel better by day 4 or 5 of the treatment.

What is the treatment setting?

Patient waiting roomYou may have treatment in our main IV room, if you like chatting with people. That may not be your favorite activity during the first few days of withdrawal. You may also have a private room if you prefer.

‐ Be sure to bring something to do, and some food.

‐ Plan to stop all the psychiatric drugs and pain medicines either the day before you start treatment

Patient waiting room(preferably) or on day 1 of treatment.

There are specific supplements to take after the 10‐13 day treatment is completed, to continue the process of healing of the neurotransmitter receptors. It is essential to take these, so that true healing may occur.

What if I backslide?

Should any recurrence of cravings or other symptoms occur, it is both easy and effective to do a one or two day “booster” treatment to get you back on track. It is, of course, best if you have the booster within a day or two of noticing any recurring symptoms, so as to avoid backsliding.

What is the cost of the withdrawal protocol

Cost of the treatment is $10,000 to $13,000, about $1000 per day.

If you pay the whole thing in one payment, there is a 20% discount.

More than one payment is, of course, an option and carries a different discount with increasing numbers of payments.

You may, of course, stop the treatment at any point, if you decide that it is not the right thing for you. Please note that once the medications have been ordered, there will be no refunds, since these medications are specific to your needs, not anyone else’s.

Please let us know if you have questions, or just call to talk about the protocol or to schedule. We require about three days to get the medications, and we prefer to schedule starting on a Monday. Payment arrangements are made in advance, before your intravenous medications are ordered.

Give us a call at 480‐240‐2600 to schedule a free 15‐minute phone consultation with Dr.

Grout, so that you can decide whether this plan is for you, and so that we can together decide whether you are a good candidate for successful withdrawal.