Symptoms of Testicular Cancer

Testicular cancer starts when healthy cells in a testicle change and develop in an uncontrollable fashion, resulting in a cancerous tumor being formed. This type of mass is malignant and capable of spreading throughout other parts of the body.

Men with testicular cancer may experience a wide array of signs or symptoms. Typically, the initial sign of testicular cancer is testicle enlargement, a small lump on the testicle, or an area of hardness on the testicle.

Other symptoms of testicular cancer may include the following:

  • Pain or discomfort in a testicle or scrotum. Whether with or without swelling.
  • Painless swelling or lump on testicle.
  • Constant aching in the groin or lower abdomen.
  • Unforeseen fluid buildup in the scrotum.
  • Change in the way a testicle feels.
  • Heaviness in the scrotum.

However, there are some cases where symptoms are not evident or caused by other conditions aside from cancer. If any of these symptoms pertain to your case, seek immediate evaluation by a doctor in order to make a proper diagnosis regarding your condition. If the cancer is diagnosed, relieving the symptoms becomes an imperative part of cancer treatment and care, also known as symptom management or supportive care.

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