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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Schedule Your Thermogram


By Shelley Heinley, New Patient Coordinator

Arizona Center for Advanced Medicine

Probable breast cancer – Photo Credit: Meditherm

It is that time of the year to have your breast cancer screening. The big question is what type of screening to do.

Self-exams are great and should be done frequently throughout the year.

How about Mammograms?

Once a year, after age 40, women are told they should have a mammogram. I did that for several years. It really hurt, and I received a yearly dose of cancer-causing radiation.

Mammograms compress your breasts pretty hard. If you have breast implants, you worry about what it will do to the implant.

What if you could forego the pain and receive no radiation exposure and potentially detect cancer earlier…would you consider it?

Thermography offers the opportunity of earlier detection of breast disease than has been possible through self-exam, doctor’s exam or mammography alone. If you have dense breasts or implants, you will be pleasantly surprised at the accuracy of this radiation free infrared imaging.

For more information on thermography, click here.

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