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October - Breast Cancer Awareness - Consider Thermography


For all those who doubt the validity of thermography, here is a reference to a well-designed study published in the American Journal of Surgery, a mainstream publication, that should provide some additional helpful information: Arora N, Martins D et al. Effectiveness of a noninvasive digital infrared thermal imaging system in the detection of breast cancer. Am J Surg. 2008 Oct;196(4):523-6. doi: 10.1016/j.amjsurg.2008.06.015.

Images courtesy of MediTherm

A few days ago I wrote a post for LinkedIn talking about breast thermography as an alternate technique for detecting early breast disease. Within an hour, I had a response from a cardiologist in New York State accusing me of quackery.

I quote from the response: “The burden is on you to provide well-performed peer-reviewed data on this quack technique. Anecdotes are not science. There have been studies testing this technology on uniform temperature water filled balloons and rotating the balloons 90 degrees a turn and imaging at each turn. The resultant images were widely different- though the temperatures were exactly the same. This is pure garbage and another example of the corruption of medicine that homeopathy and the like encourage!”

When I did provide evidence of the benefit and accuracy of the technique, there was no response. I find it sad when physicians close their minds so tightly.

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