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Pediatrics Alternative Treatment Options Aimed at Treating Your Specific Needs

Scottsdale Pediatric Integrative Medicine

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At Arizona Center for Advanced Medicine, we partner with our patients in order to help them navigate the complex choices that life throws their way. Our pediatrics division provides infants, children, adolescents, and young adults with comprehensive and innovative medical care. We utilize the best complimentary, holistic, and alternative medicine in order to help children with chronic medical problems and special medical needs.*

Our trusted staff of medical professionals specialize in the outpatient integrative management and evaluation of children with various conditions. Additionally, we work with expectant mothers who wish to optimize the health of their unborn children. We want to help your children achieve exceptional health. You should not be forced to choose between conventional or alternative treatments.

Most conventionally-trained pediatricians have no training in herbs, homeopathy, acupuncture, or hypnosis. Most non-physician alternative practitioners lack training in Western Pediatric medicine. Our Scottsdale pediatricians are trained in integrative medicine, and are able to provide not only pharmaceutical but also safe and effective alternatives to traditional pharmaceutical based treatments of disease. To learn more about our pediatric integrative medicine services, click here.

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*Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of successes for any given medical treatment. Each individual is unique and may respond differently to our medical services, meaning results may vary for each person.


Our Patients Say It Best

  • “I had a second chance in life after meeting Dr. Grout.” J.B.
  • “Dr. Grout is compassionate, empathetic, responsive, and the best doctor I have had the privilege to care for me.” Anita, PhD, RN, NP
  • “If you are ever wondering about the state of your health and wanting answers to why you are having the problems you are having, then seeing an Integrative Health specialist is essential.” Anita