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Hospitals scramble as monoclonal antibodies become less effective


This is hardly a surprising development. Monoclonal antibodies are effective against ONE clone (MONOclonal). Not against all variants. The SARS CoV-2 virus is highly mutable, changing its form and composition of its proteins at the drop of a hat - like the cold virus - like the flu virus. Its sole function is to survive in a hostile world. I am not clear that its sole function is to kill its host. In fact, killing the host is counter-productive. When the human restaurant closes, there is no food to feed the viral starving.

So... after the virus has fed (infected a human host) it moves on to continue to replicate, leaving the host behind. If the host is relatively healthy on a cellular level, then the host will survive - and may even be able to stop that particular viral clone in its tracks, thus ending the immune system battle.

And thus it has even been, with most viral infections. We all get colds, more frequently depending on how healthy we are at baseline - or whether our children bring viruses home from daycare. If we are sufficiently healthy, we build a tolerance to the cold virus, our immune system neutralizes it, and we move on.

We have never made a successful vaccine against the cold virus - but there really was not a huge need, since colds are so seldom lethal. The SARS Co-V 2 virus is a little different - significantly more lethal than a cold (albeit still with a less than 1% mortality). But SARS and cold viruses are kissing cousins - similar in structure and mode of action.

In the end, as Dr. Sanjay Gupta points out, this virus is here to stay. It is endemic, and we are going to need to learn to live with it. Whether we choose to accept the vaccine (which possibly gives us a better chance of NOT being hospitalized) or to refuse the vaccine, the end result of infection is going to depend upon how healthy the terrain is.

Eating good chemical-free food, sleeping enough, letting go of past resentments and hurts, avoiding conflict when possible, taking control over our own actions and responses when we cannot avoid that conflict - all those things work to improve the health of the terrain, our bodies. Even just walking at home - moving our bodies, not allowing them to stagnate, improves the function of the immune system.

I am surprised that the "walk at home" movement has received so little mention, in the newspapers or in the medical field. Vigorous or extreme exercise does appear to result in depression of the immune system followed by a rebound beneficial effect. Too vigorous exercise too frequently depresses the immune system by raising cortisol levels and increasing inflammatory stress. Brisk movement daily does not appear to cause this suppression, but rather enhances immune system function.

We are going to have to live with this new SARS Co-V 2 virus in its multiple variations. We have no control over the spread of the virus (as has been amply demonstrated in the past three years). We do absolutely have control over our efforts to increase the health of our own bodies. Co-existence, I believe, is going to be the clue to our survival. And if that means survival of the virus, so be it. We are all God's creatures.

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