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Death Rates From COVID by Vaccination Status


A very interesting article which reflects a reasonable way to look at the issue of whether vaccination against COVID is helpful or merely an exercise in futility. If we are to believe these figures, it appears that the death rate from COVID among the un-vaccinated is significantly higher than among the vaccinated. What is lacking is accurate and up-to-date information about the adverse reactions to the current vaccines - that information is often anecdotal, but I've not yet seen any helpful literature. The anecdotes are frightening indeed, and the reasons for the development of adverse reactions make sense to me. But we really need an accurate collection of data - with which according to all reports the VAERS appears to woefully lag behind - in order to make a truly informed decision about whether to accept the current versions of the vaccine. I do not believe that fear is a good reason to accept something potentially harmful. I do believe that accurate data on all sides of the question will be helpful. In the end, humans are fortunately not lemmings, and we are all capable of making a reasonably informed decision. It's not a question of politics, it's a question of discernment.

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