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Threatened by Madrid, Catalonia Referendum Is Game of Cat and Mouse


When I read this article in the NY Times,[1] the sentence that struck me the hardest was from a message taped on a wall in Arenys de Munt, a town that held the first straw poll on independence in Catalonia: “They want to bury us,” it said, “but they don’t know that we are seeds.”

“They want to bury us, but they don’t know that we are seeds.”


Does this remind you in any way of the ongoing struggle of Integrative Medicine to survive in the face of convention? So many doctors have lost their licenses to practice medicine – and yet, in the new generations, there are always a few who spring up to take their place.

How can a world exist if we truly believe that every part is separate from every other, and each part can be treated by itself without reference to the whole?

I have the greatest respect for those who have devoted their lives to the study and treatment of a single organ system. Indeed, the thought of knowing everything about even only a single organ systems is daunting. There is not enough time to know it all.

And yet, how can we hope to attain health, if we do not address the entire organism?

If only we did not have to be at war with our own colleagues and friends…