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Are Micronutrients Essential to Your Health?


Micronutrient is another word for the vitamins and minerals people require to live. While you need significantly more macronutrients to survive, you only need a few micronutrients to maintain good health. They help the body create enzymes, hormones, proteins, and other products people are unable to manufacture themselves. For example, your body uses vitamins B1 to B7 and coenzyme Q as co-factors for enzymes that release energy from glucose. Without these vitamins and enzymes, your body would be unable to create energy from the food you eat.

Vitamins themselves are organic compounds people get primarily from their diet. Most vitamins cannot be produced by the human body, with the exception of Vitamin D. However, that vitamin D must be supplemented by getting enough sunlight, which is also a good source of the same vitamin. Vitamins also serve a variety of purposes, such as help fetal brain development and healthy brain aging. Vitamins A, C, and E are also antioxidants.

Minerals, on the other hand, are inorganic, naturally occurring substances. They help enable your cells to carry out essential functions. For example, salt is such a mineral. Most animals require a small amount of salt to help them regulate their body fluids. It is essential for maintaining the volume of the plasma in the blood to allow oxygen and other nutrients to flow through tissues in the body. The ions in the salt also play an important function in the nervous system. Fluctuations in these ions allow neurons to send signals to other neurons, which allows the brain to send signals to parts of the body. While too much salt can put an enormous amount of stress on the body, too little salt can be just as deadly, often leading to brain swelling, congestive heart failure, coma, and cardiovascular collapse.

The easiest way to get essential micronutrients is to eat a healthy dose of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other plant sources. Some people get their nutrients from tablets, but most come from the average daily diet. However, if you’re feeling lethargic or undernourished, the best way to determine your micronutrient level is to see a licensed physician about any nutritional deficit you may be experiencing. The Arizona Center for Advanced Medicine offers IV nutritional therapy, which can get nutrients to the cells for quick absorption and effectiveness. Call us today for a free consultation!