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Why You Should Always Eat Your Peas


As a kid, your mom always told you to eat your peas. However, back then you may not have known just how important that parental command was for you. Whether you love them or hate them, peas are actually one of the best possible foods you can eat thanks to their immense nutritional benefits that can dramatically improve your health. And perhaps the best part about peas: they’re easy to eat in many different ways: including in the pod or even separated and included directly into a number of different great-tasting dishes. Let’s take a look at this so-called “miracle” food and explore just how good it can be for you.

Daily Necessities

Peas are packed with things you need in your daily diet, making them an easy way to get what you need for a healthy and balanced diet every day. For starters, peas are actually classified as legumes, which means they contain a surprising amount of protein, similar to that of beans and other foods in the legumes group. Peas are also rich in B vitamins, which are a necessary ingredient for the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, all of which your body needs to function on a daily basis. And they manage to do all of this while remaining remarkably low in calories.

However, peas contain more than just B vitamins. Here’s a list of some of the other nutritional value you can find in peas:

  • Vitamin C: You typically think of foods like citrus fruits as being a good source for Vitamin C, but peas actually fill this role with a far less acidic flavor. Vitamin C is a huge component of your immune system, which means peas help increase your resistance to infection and free-radicals that cause cell damage. Vitamin C is also an antioxidant, which means it helps prevent cancer.
  • Vitamin A: Otherwise known as beta-carotene, Vitamin A is critical for maintaining healthy tissue throughout your body, including stimulating new cell growth and cell maintenance by boosting your immune system. Vitamin A also helps promote healthy tissue by supporting bone development and protecting your nerve fibers.
  • Vitamin K: Heart disease is such a huge problem in the U.S. In fact, it’s currently the number one killer every single year, far outpacing things like smoking, drugs, weapons, and cancer. Vitamin K helps with this by providing the means for blood coagulation without the harm and damage that’s done by other substances such as cholesterol and other fats.
  • Vitamin B9: Otherwise known as folic acid, this substance is huge for the everyday function known as cell division. Cells throughout your body divide and reproduce every single day, and they need nutrients to do this. However, this is vitally important for expectant mothers, as folic acid is a critical component of fetal development.

Peas are also rich in fiber, which is important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Fiber helps cleanse your digestive tract of toxins that are accumulated over time based on the foods we eat. Some of these toxins are carcinogens, which can lead to the development of gastrointestinal diseases like colon cancer. Fiber also helps slow down the process which your body uses to digest sugars, preventing them from harming your body. Combined with the other antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties peas have, this miracle food can actually prevent and reverse the effects of insulin resistance, otherwise known as type 2 diabetes.

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