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Insulin Potentiation Chemotherapy in the News?


This excellent article on cancer and sugar appeared in the New York Times Magazine recently. The author talks about the Warburg effect, and points out that cancer cells begin their lives damaged – they are unable to produce the energy they need by using oxygen, as healthy cells do. The cancer cells are forced for their own survival into using glucose (or the amino acid glycine) as their primary source of energy. They produce far less energy than normal cells, and therefore have to consume far more glucose.

One would think that allopathic medicine would have stumbled on to this information and made use of it to treat cancer – since the phenomenon occurs in at least 80% of cancer cells. We do use this peculiar property of cancer cells when we do IPT low dose chemotherapy. There is one IRB-approved ongoing study of stage 3 and 4 cancer patients using this form of therapy.

The article talked about cancer metabolism but not about all the work that has been done to treat cancer using these principles with insulin potentiation therapy. The reasoning behind the development of IPT is the same as the reasoning behind the development of PET scans which are used to monitor tumor growth. Since a far smaller dose of chemotherapy is equally effective as the standard dose, as long as we use insulin as a biologic response modifier, this also explains why IPT works so well for treating cancer with chemotherapy without the huge side effects of standard chemotherapy.

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