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GMOs In The News Again


It’s time to make a choice.

The US Senate is poised to make a historic vote on the issue of whether the Federal Government has the right to forbid accurate labelling of GMO food products by individual states. A very well balanced article on the issue appears today on FOXBusiness. The title is "The Truth About GMOs: The Good, The Bad, and The Really Ugly."

It's a tough subject to write about - The whole idea of GMO brings out a lot of emotionality on both sides. There is a great deal of money at stake. To learn more about genetically modified foods and how the plants and animals are actually developed here. To read a white paper by the American Academy of Environmental Medicine on the subject of genetically modified foods, click here.

If you wish to contact your US Senators to express your opinion on the subject before they vote, here is a good place to get their contact information: