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Research in Homeopathic Treatment of Subclinical Hypothyroidism


New research in homeopathic treatment of subclinical hypothyroidism – of which there is an epidemic in both the USA and India, despite iodine replacement therapy.

vector illustration of diagram of endocrine system

This study, published in 2014 and reported in the Indian press, is a randomized placebo-controlled single blind study based on 194 children with subclinical hypothyroidism (out of over 5,000 screened for thyroid disease). All the children had his TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone), and some also had autoantibodies to thyroid. Each received individualized homeopathic remedy or an identical placebo. 162 patients completed the study. A statistically significant change in TSH and thyroid antibodies was found in those patients given the active treatment, as compared with those given placebo. 10% of the children progressed to overt hypothyroidism from the placebo group, none from the treated group.

I have requested a copy of the complete paper. This seems like a good study to me, and certainly gives credence to the efficacy of homeopathy – as long as it is given correctly, taking the case sufficiently and giving the correct individualized remedy. There is no “one size fits all” in homeopathic treatment of complex illness.

Efficacy of homeopathic intervention in subclinical hypothyroidism with or without autoimmune thyroiditis in children: an exploratory randomized control study.