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Autohemotherapy is a technique used all over the world to boost the immune system.

autohematherapyThe technique is very simple. A small amount of blood is withdrawn from a vein, and re-introduced into a muscle by injection. This creates a tiny inflammatory response which acts very much like a wound. Muscle is slightly injured by the injection, since the needle used (no matter how small the gauge) is larger than capillaries. Injured capillaries leak calls platelets into the tissues, thus triggering the release of growth factors and inflammatory proteins. The immune system is now activated. If there are foreign proteins in the blood, these proteins are picked up by antigen presenting cells and given to the T cells of the immune system to make the appropriate antibodies.
And voilà - effectively we have created a vaccine. If the proteins belong to cancer cells, we have created an effective vaccine against cancer. And because we repeat the autohemotherapy frequently, every injection contains fresh proteins. We are not risking making a vaccine to something which is no longer relevant - the major drawback of conventional cancer vaccines.