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What comes after the diagnosis?


OK, so the cancer diagnosis is real. They didn’t make a mistake. It wasn’t just a bad dream. It’s not fair. So what are the options?

Standard (allopathic) treatment

Integrative (alternative) cancer therapy

The choice is yours.

None of us really gets to choose when we die. We only know that eventually we are all going to die.

But we do get to choose how we lead our lives.

We can choose whether to walk for 30 minutes, or watch a television show. We can choose whether to eat green beans and wild caught salmon, or steak and potatoes, or a Big Mac and fries.

We can choose whether to take statin drugs for what some consider high cholesterol - or whether to increase our exercise, decrease our starch intake and increase our intake of vegetables and healthy proteins.

We can choose to accept what our “health” insurance - really “illness” insurance - tells us they will pay for - or we can choose to go outside the box, and try treatments which, at the very least, will be no less effective that standard therapy, and at the very most will be significantly healthier and even may be more effective than standard cancer therapy.

We can choose to examine our lives and our assumptions, and be willing to change. The need to be right often overshadows the will to survive. But it does not have to be that way. We can survive cancer.

The choice is truly ours.