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Mammography vs Thermography Revisited - Again


We have said for years that the only proven cause of cancer is ionizing radiation.[1,2,3] We have wondered for years why in the world women would subject themselves to having their breasts squashed and irradiated with ionizing radiation in order to screen for breast disease. We have imagined what would have happened to the test if this had been the screening tool for testicular or prostate cancer.

Now we have one more reason not to permit anyone to squash us and irradiate us year after year just to demonstrate the possibility of a disease which may in fact be induced by the very test we are employing to screen for it.

The Associated Press published an article on September 6, 2012 entitled “Radiation may up breast cancer risk in some women“. The original work was published in the British Medical Journal on the same day. This publication recommended nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) instead of mammography for those women who have one of the BRCA mutations making them more susceptible to breast cancer - even without the exposure to ionizing radiation.

Thermography has the benefit of showing inflammatory change many years before any lump can be palpated. Thermography is inexpensive, easy to do, available in the offices of those in the medical profession who do not choose to prescribe mammography. Thermography is less expensive than MRI which is now being used instead of mammography in Europe for examination of young women.

Women have the choice.